Hokkaido Guided Tours-Caldera to Cape

Asahidake, Hokkaido, japan
Hokkaido's highest mountain, Asahidake (Photo Jonathan Huang)
Shakotan Penninsula-hokkaido-Japan-bike-tours-japan
Kamui Misaki, Shakotan Penninsula

On this tour you will ride through two of Hokkaido's most scenic  locations. In Central Hokkaido you will cycle around the Daisetsuzan National Park, through lavender and quilted flower fields and vineyards. In Hokkaido's south west, you will see young mountains that have sprung up in the last fifty years and hot volcanic bubbling ponds. You will cycle around caldera lakes formed thousands of years ago by huge volcanic eruptions. This journey is sure to delight.


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- Cycle around the volcanic regions of Hokkaido
- Enjoy a post ride whiskey at the Nikka Whiskey Distillery
 - Ride in Japan's largest national park

Intermediate or Advanced Level trip

Riding days of approximately 70-100 km daily in rolling and or mountainous terrain with bigger climbs. Elevation gains of approximately 600-1,000 meters for the short route and 1,000 m plus for the long route.


Trip at a glance

Start Location


Finish Location


Days Riding



Total Distance

Short 291 km  Long 348 km



Short 3,918 m   Long 4,547 m


Biggest Climbing Day

Fuji of the North


Longest Day

Fuji of the North

Sample Program

Day 1  Asahidake Volcano Transfer 
We transfer you to Asahidake Onsen, the village at the base of the highest mountain in Hokkaido. On arrival set up the bikes and relax in the hotel hot springs.


Day 2  The Patchwork Hills  (62 km/ 643 m) or (73 km/ 895 m)

Ride along secluded roads past rice paddies and over the rolling hills of Biei. This area is known as the ‘Patchwork

Hills’ for their different colors. The mountains and volcanoes of the Daisetsuzan National Park provide a stunning backdrop. Stay in a guest house owned by a master photographer, at the foot of the mountains.


Day 3  The Navel of Hokkaido  (59 km / 691 m) or (71 km/ 762 m)
Today you will ride to what is known as the ‘Navel of Hokkaido,’ as it is the island’s geographical center. Enjoy the downhills of the roller-coaster road. Continue on past fields of lavender, flower gardens and vineyards. Finish the ride by dropping in to the winery.


Day 4  The Caldera   (47 km/ 660 m) or (67 km / 836 m)

Transfer to the south west region of Hokkaido and then ride out to the caldera lake of Lake Toya. Legend has it that sumo tournaments were held on the island in the middle of the lake. See the smoking Showa Shinzan which is a volcano that has grown to 400 meters from a farmer's field in the space of 60 years.

Day 5  The Fuji or the North  (59 km/ 954 m) or (73 km/ 1,084 m)
Ride to Niseko which sits in the shadows of Ezo Fuji, or the 'Mt Fuji of the North.'  We will have lunch at a restaurant with views overlooking the volcano. Continue to a ski village at the base of Mt Annupurri. In the evening, visit a local craft beer brewery to try their local ales.

Day 6  Nikka Distillery  (64 km/ 970 m)

You will cycle out along the coast to Hokkaido’s beautiful western Peninsula and Kamui Misaki, also known as the

‘Cape of Divine Power.' The area is part of Hokkaido's only sea National Park, a magnificent coastline made up of sea-cliffs and crystal blue waters. Our last night is in a taditional ryokan accommodation.

Day 7  Sayonara
Transfer to Chitose Airport.


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