Hokkaido - Playground of the Gods

The Biei rolling hills in spring
Lavender farms in the Furano valley

Central Hokkaido is one of the most beautiful places to cycle in Japan

This is literally our backyard. Ride our daily routes in and around the Daisetsuzan National Park on quiet back roads.


Daisetsuzan, also referred to as Kamui Mintara, or 'The Playground of the Gods,' is a mountain range known for its natural beauty. You will ride past live volcanoes which send plumes of smoke skyward and through primeval forests to hidden hot springs.  The valleys are filled with flower farms, fields of lavender and vineyards.

Japanese come from all over the country to cycle this area. This is one of the most beautiful places to undertake a self-guided trip in Japan.


- Cycle the largest national park in Japan

- Climb a live volcano
- Stay  in a traditional mountain hot spring lodge

- Cycle quiet forest, rural and mountain back roads

- Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine

Leisure Trip

Distances averaging 50 km to give you time to stop and smell the roses

Trip at a glance

Start Location


Finish Location



Days Riding




Total Distance
292 or 377 km


Total Elevation

 2,989 or 4,663 m


Biggest Climbing Day

1,184 m


Longest Day

 65 short or 80 km long

Sample Program

Day 1 

Transfer to Asahidake hot-springs village. After the bike fitting, take a tram to the caldera of the volcano and walk around the steaming fumaroles.


Day 2  The Angel Robe Falls  (65 km/965 m or 84 km/1,184 m)
You will descend in to the valley and follow the Chubetsu River past rice fields to a local town for lunch. Loop back in to the national park and cycle in to the Tenninkyo Canyon.  On your arrival, take a short 20 minute walk up to the third highest waterfall in Japan.


Day 3  The Patchwork Hills  (57 km/663 m or 69 km/ 837 m)
Ride along secluded roads past rice paddies and over the rolling hills of Biei. This area is known as the ‘Patchwork Hills’ for the different colors of the fields. The mountains and volcanoes of the Daisetsuzan National Park provide a stunning backdrop. Stay in a guest house owned by a master photographer's at the foot of the mountains.


Day 4  The Turquoise Falls  (53 km/590 m or 73 km/ 996 m)
Today you will descend from a hot spring area in the national park. Along the way there are sulphurous waterfalls and great views of Mt Tokachi, a steaming volcano. Stop at master photo and potter galleries on the way to the accommodation in the valley.


Day 5  `The Navel of Hokkaido'  (59 km/ 691 m or 71 km/ 762 m)
Today you will ride to what is known as the ‘Navel of Hokkaido,’ as it is the island’s geographical center. Enjoy the downhills of the roller-coaster road. Continue on past fields of lavender, flower gardens and vineyards. Finish the ride by dropping in to the winery.


Day 6  Rokugo Loop  (58 km/ 635 m or 80 km/ 884 m )
Today’s you will cycle a loop ride on to the next town and a ride which is one of our local favorites. Other highlights include a glass factory and jam factory where you are able to try jams from fruits you never knew existed. On the return drop in to the cheese factory and try black cheese.


Day 7  Sayonara
Departure day. Airport transfer after breakfast.       

Custom Trip

Please inquire for a custom trip with your group size and preferred trip dates. Please inquire