Rainy Day Ride

This is filmed entirely on the Iphone. Apologies for the less than stable footage while riding.


The area is our 'Playground of the Gods' route and where we are based in Hokkaido. This is a local ride that I do when there is the possibility of rain. It is a 50 km loop which takes me 25 km from Furano, before looping back in to town. There aren't much in the way of views today, but on a nice day the whole of the Daisetsuzan Mountains can be seen from the other side of the valley. It is a reasonable climbing route with around 600 meters of ascent.


Autumn has arrived in Hokkaido and morning and evening temperatures are getting chilly. This is my favourite time during the year as daytime temperatures of 20-25 degrees are perfect for riding. In another month the colours in the alpine areas of the national park will start changing and will slowly make its way down in to the valley.


For best video quality switch settings on YouTube to HD 720.

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