Hokkaido's Cape of Divine Power

Cycling past Showa Shinzan, the young volcano

There is a fascination to Hokkaido. Perhaps it is the endless backroads that take in some of the most majestic scenery you will see in Japan. The mountains and volcanoes cloaked in primeval forests, pristine caldera lakes and dramatic cliff adorned coastlines. Let us introduce to you a place with spectacular sights, wonderful experiences and exquisite flavors on this randonee tour of south western Hokkaido.


- Cycle through 2 national parks

- Ride to the base of a live volcano

- Visit Nikka whiskey distillery

- Rejuvenate in outdoor hot springs

- Enjoy exquisite seafood cuisine


intermediate level trip

Riding days of approximately 50–70 km on rolling and hilly terrain. Elevation gains of around 1,000 meters daily.


Trip at a glance

Start Location


Finish Location


Days Riding


Group Size

Total Distance

340 km


Total Elevation


Biggest Climbing Day

Day 5 Otaru


Longest Day
Day 1 Lake Toya


sample Program

Day 1 
Transfer to the hotel which sits on the banks of a caldera lake. It is  surrounded by 3 volcanoes and renowned for its indigo blue waters. On arrival we set up the bikes and go for a short ride around part of the lake.  Immerse yourself in the thermal hot springs before a traditional Japanese dinner.


Day 2  Lake Toya  (79 km/ 1,034 m)
Cycle to another lakeside resort.  Nearby is a young mountain that literally popped out of a farmer’s field and grew to a height of 400 meters. Enjoy the nightly fireworks display over the lake from the hotel to finish an amazing day of cycling.


Day 3  Niseko  (78 km/ 1,006 m)
Today ride to Hokkaido’s famous outdoor playground of Niseko. This route starts around the lake and passes through rural pastures with magnificent views of Ezo Fuji, or the 'Mt Fuji of the North.' Make a feed stop at a French bakery on route. 


Day 4 The Sea of Japan (70 km/ 1,129 m)
You will cycle to a local coastal fishing town on the western coast of Hokkaido.  The route starts crossing the Annupuri Range where you will descend to a small fishing town. Continue around the coast to the accommodation almost perched over the ocean.


Day 5 The `Cape of Divine Power'  (64 km/ 1,016 m)
You will cycle out along the coast to Hokkaido’s beautiful western Peninsula and Kamui Misaki, also known as the ‘Cape of Divine Power.'  The area is part of Hokkaido's only sea National Park, a magnificent coastline made up of sea-cliffs and crystal blue waters. Continue riding along the coast to the ryokan accommodation.


Day 6 Otaru, the 'Port City' (49 km/ 1,418 m)

You will be riding to Nikka Whiskey Factory for the first part of the ride. Have lunch at the local fish markets and try the local uni, or 'sea urchin' delicacy.  Finish the ride in Otaru, the old port town of Hokkaido. The gaslights and stone warehouses along the canal produce a beautiful nightscape.


Day 7 Sayonara

Departure day.