E-Bike Tours- Japan Cycling Trips

We are now offering on all of our guided tours with the option of an E-Bike rental. E-bikes, or electricity assist bicycles provide some assistance, particularly on the hills and opens up a world of possibilities for bike touring. It really takes out the physical hardship of covering long distances or steep hills so that you might better enjoy the scenery and culture with minimal effort. Read our journal about E-Bikes.

The Verve+

We have chosen the Trek Verve+ for our rental fleet based on its positive reviews. The bike is very user friendly and you will be used to its functions in a matter of minutes. Renting an E-Bike might be a good option for couples of differing abilities, families or first time bike travellers concerned about keeping up with a group. The reassurance that an E-bike enables individuals to seek a more adventurous route.

Trek Verve+ Electric Bike

- Verve+ amplifies your power so you can enjoy the riding even more

- The 250-watt motor is capableĀ of helping you sustain speeds of up to 20 mph

- Stable and manoeuvrable with a lighter overall weight

- A comfortable ride with wider tires provide cushion andĀ  saddle and suspension seat post