Hokkaido Guided Tours-Volcanoes of the North

In the Furano valley
Descending Tokachidake in the Daisetsuzan National Park

Furano, the dead centre of Hokkaido, is a roadies paradise. With a myriad of quiet back roads accessing rolling, hilly and mountainous terrain there is something for everyone here. Most of our tours are point to point trips, but our own backyard is some of the best cycling in Hokkaido.

From the hot spring hotel in Furano, you will be ascending the roof of Hokkaido in the shadow of two live volcanoes. On the last day finish at one of Hokkaido's oldest sake distilleries before celebrating the end of the trip in Sapporo.


- Cycle around the volcanic regions of Hokkaido
- Ascend the highest mountain in Hokkaido
- Ride in Japan's largest national park

Intermediate or Advanced Level trip

Riding days of between 65-160 km daily in rolling and or mountainous terrain with bigger climbs. Elevation gains of approximately 1,000 meters and above daily. Shorter riding days available.


Trip at a glance

Start Location


Finish Location


Days Riding


June- September

Total Distance

Short 221 km  Long 359 km



Short 3,797 m  Long 4,698m


Biggest Climbing Day

Asahidake Volcano


Longest Day
Asahidake Volcano

Sample Program

Day 1
Transfer to Furano which is at the geographical center of Hokkaido. Furano is located on the doorstep of the majestic mountains and volcanoes of  Daisetsuzan National Park.

Day 2
Asahidake Volcano Climb (81 km/ 1,384 m) or (158 km/ 1,724 m)
Ride to the live volcano of Mt Asahi. The hill climb averages 5% grade for 12 km, winding its way to 1,100 meters on the mountain. A tram will take you to the caldera of the volcano where you will see multiple smoking fumaroles.


Day 3 Tokachidake Volcano Climb  (65 km/ 1,468 m) or (102 km/ 1,678 m)
Ascend the southern end of the national park to the highest road point of Hokkaido. The hill climb averages 8% for 10 kilometres.  We then make the winding descent to a dairy farm that gives majestic views of the mountains. We make a stop at the local vineyard on the return. Check out the ride here


Day 4  Sake Factory Ride  (75 km/ 945 m) or (101 km/ 1,296 m) )
Ride the rolling hills route to one of Hokkaido's oldest sake breweries. Lunch on the way at a Wafu decor style restaurant. You will then transfer to Sapporo to celebrate the last night in Hokkaido.
Day 5  Sayonara
Transfer to Chitose Airport.



Please inquire with group size and accommodation preference.