Playground of the Gods

Asahidake, Hokkaido, japan
Hokkaido's highest mountain, Asahidake (Photo Jonathan Huang)
Biei, Hokkaido, Japan
Cycling the Biei Hills

Daisetsuzan, also referred to as 'The Playground of the Gods,' is a vast territory of smoking volcanic ranges, hot springs, clear lakes and untouched forests. This tour offers a unique opportunity to cycle and hike in Japan’s largest national park. Climb to the roof of Hokkaido and be mesmerized by volcanic plumes of smoke rising to the sky or marvel at the mountain flowers that can only be found in this region. You will cycle through Hokkaido’s Central region, famous for its lavender, quilted flower fields and vineyards. Join us on an incredible journey to one of the most beautiful places in Japan.


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- Cycle the largest national park in Japan

- Climb a live volcano
- Stay 2 nights in traditional mountain hot spring lodges

- Cycle quiet forest, rural and mountain back roads

- Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine


Intermediate level trip

Riding days of approximately 50–70 km on rolling terrain. Elevation gains of up to 700 meters daily.


Trip at a Glance

Start Location


Finish Location



Days Riding



Group Size

        6- 8

Total Distance
300 km


Total Elevation

 4,019 m


Biggest Climbing Day

Tokachidake 1,411 m


Longest Day

Day 5, 78 km


Day 1 
We will be meeting you at the airport and transporting you to Asahidake hot-springs village. You will have time to take a mini walk and a hot-spring before dinner.


Day 2  Asahidake Volcano  (61 km)
Start the day by catching the cable-car up Asahidake Volcano and a walk around the the volcanic vents. Cycle to a Canyon.  On your arrival, take a short 20 minute walk up to the third highest waterfall in Japan.


Day 3  Biei Rolling Hills  (71 km)
 Ride along secluded roads past rice paddies and over the rolling hills of Biei. This area is known as the ‘Patchwork Hills’ for the different colors of the fields. The mountains and volcanoes of the Daisetsuzan National Park provide a stunning backdrop.


Day 4  Tokachidake Hill Climb  (62 km)
Today you will ascend to the roof of Hokkaido, the highest road point on the island. You will stay at a hot-spring mountain lodge that has sweeping views of the mountains and the valley far below. Along the way there is a lookout which has fabulous views of the live volcano in the area.  Upon your arrival at the lodge sink in to the healing waters of the rotenburo, (outside hot spring) and watch the sun setting over the mountain landscape.


Day 5  `The Navel of Hokkaido'  (68 km)
Today you will ride to what is known as the ‘Navel of Hokkaido,’ as it is the island’s geographical centre. Enjoy the downhills of the roller-coaster road. Continue on past fields of lavender, flower gardens and vineyards. Finish the ride by dropping in to the winery. Stay


Day 6  Rokugo Loop  (60 km)
Today’s you will cycle a loop ride to the next town and a ride which is one of our local favourites. Other highlights include a glass factory and jam factory where you are able to try jams from fruits you never knew existed.


Day 7  Sayonara
Departure day. Return transfer to the airport after breakfast.         



- Airport transfers

- Accommodation

- All meals

- Guided Support

- Support vehicle

- Ride snacks


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